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. Or . Blogging Policy

Thank you for your interest in .Or .

Blogging is an important aspect of . Or . 's retail policy and the work you do is much appreciated. Mutual respect is vital in any business relationship, as is a clear understanding of what is expected from both parties.

If you are interested in being part of the . Or . team please read carefully the specifications below to ensure you are able to comply with the following requirements.

1. You are a passionate, creative BLOGGER who genuinely loves our creations.

2.   Your Blog/Flick must be at least 6 months old

3. Your blog is ACTIVE (at least one post per week)

4. Your blog should have a clean uncluttered layout.

5. Your images should be of a high quality and the blogged items need to be clearly visible.

6. You are syndicated in SL fashion feeds

7. You have an active Flickr account that links to your blog posts.

8.  You have the name of the item, label and landmark of the store (and event where applicable e.g. Swank) to inform your readers of where to find the items featured in the pictures/post

9. You are consistent in your work, and reliable. If you have problems blogging an item for whatever reason please let me know.

10. You need to have a free group space to be added to our blogger group

Please do not have:
Music playing when we open the blog page
"Details soon" on your flickr pictures
Text on the images
Group blogs (multiple people on one blog) : 1 Person per blog may apply. This is to ensure consistency and also because only one person per blog will be able to access the free items.
No store owners please.
NO images overly filled with Photoshop effects, it's distracting and we want the image to be a true reflection of the item.

Our Flickr group is a great example of what we are looking for. Any doubt? check it.


The free items will be chosen by . Or . This is to ensure that we have balanced blog coverage for all our items. They will be available in the store landing point in a vendor made only for bloggers during a couple of days. You will be notified by notice each time a new item is available.
You are of course most welcome to blog any additional items you purchase yourself.
Once accepted there will be 2 or 3 free items to blog each month. You are asked to blog at least 75% and make several pictures for the fat pack items. If you are unable to fulfill this then please do not apply. If you pick an item from the blogger vendor, it's mandatory that you blog it.
Once you have blogged the items, you will need to post your blog and Flickr links in our in-world bloggers group. Use also our Flickr Group to upload your pictures.
Tag the creator: OrManga in the Flickr image
Label and Landmark the items used in the images
Free items should normally be blogged within 10 days of receipt. We understand that sometimes circumstances may prevent this but if that is the case please have the courtesy to let us know.
You can't have access to the new items if you didn't blog the last one you have picked up from the blogger vendor. If you blogged and still don't have access, please contact me.

You will be notified if you have been chosen within 7 days.

If for any reason you are unable to blog the item promptly can you please inform OrManga ASAP

At the end of the month if no post has been submitted you will be removed from the group unless you have discussed the issue with us.

We will confirm acceptance of your application to blog by notecard.

Either party can cancel this agreement with immediate effect.

Thank you again for your interest in . Or . designs and we look forward to a productive relationship.

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