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. Or . Store Policy

Thank you for visiting my store. If you have questions about the store please read the following carefully before contacting me.

PERMISSIONS (doesn't concern the Full Perm items)

All items sold at . Or .  come with copy/no modify/no transfer permissions (exept the Full perm items).
No items will be sold with different permissions under any circumstances.
Most items can be customized using the HUD provided with each item, or with a resizer script.
My work in the store is entirely original. I do not buy in templates from other people nor do I allow permissions on my .dae files or textures.
Demos are available for most products. (it's free, please use them before any purchase) 


Products and prices in this Store are subject to change at any time at my discretion.
I to accurately display the attributes of my products, but sometimes color of the product may differ slightly due to the calibration of your computer system.
All products are material enabled.


I am sorry but I do not modify any items for individual customers, nor do I do custom work. My designs follow only my own inspiration.


A gift option is available on the vendors. If you need any help concerning them, please don't hesitate to ask.


A gift card system is available at the entry of the store, if you wish to buy a gift card for a friend, they are available in Transfer version. Gift cards are available in a variety of values. These cannot be changed but they can be used in part payment and topped up by cash lindens.


Please use the delivery terminal available at the landing point of the store. This will ensure you receive your item promptly. Please do not contact me directly to arrange a redelivery.


If you make a duplicate purchase by mistake please send me a notecard with your transaction history copy and pasted (with date and time) within 24 hours and I will arrange a refund.
Refunds will not be made under any other circumstances.


I do not accept any request for refunds or exchanges.
If you have received an incorrect item, please do contact me via notecard and I will in do my best effort to resolve it as quickly as possible.


I apologize that any request for exchange pertaining to this is not accepted.

 ALT´s :

I do not honour ALT accounts.


I do not do commissions/requests/custom work of any kind.  IMs inquiring about these services will go unresponded.


I do not have any affiliate Vendors / Systems.


Please use the redelivery terminal available at the entry of the store. This will ensure you receive your item promptly. Please do not contact me directly to arrange a redelivery.


I do not supply free items for events such as pageants etc.